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Fic: where I want to be [Dean/Cas/Lisa]
emily, being human
Hokay. So. This is a belated birthday fic for joyyjpg. AND IT HAS BEEN A LABOR OF LOVE. <3

The prompt she gave me on tumblr was Cas/Dean/Lisa + PEGGING. BOTTOM!DEAN OBVS GO DO THIS. :DDDDD Buuuut if you don’t want to write smut, then I will very happily take something non-smutty about perfect OT3 being perfect, idk. ;D

To which I laughed in the face of my apprehensions about writing smut—but I did also try to put in perfect OT3 being perfect!

So, I owe a lot of thanks to a few people for helping me with this fic. There was a lot of cheerleading and hand-holding all over the place, especially on tumblr.

In no particular order, thank you to 888mph for cheerleading me through the rough draft, pann_cake for reading the fic over and telling me yes it’s hot, and cymbalism219 for hard-core beta’ing the fic (oh my God, thank you) and then reading the revised draft. Also thank you to my rl bestie Lauren (oh-so-sher-lokid on tumblr)—how she puts up with me in fandom circles AND in rl, I’ll never know. XD (Also thanks to my girlfriend who read over this too and said it was good even though she doesn't watch Supernatural. <3)

SO MANY PEOPLE. I love all of you. Now, Joy, like I said before on tumblr, I hope this lives up to the hype! <333

ETA: by the way, the harness Lisa uses in the fic is a real thing! NSFW, obvs, but here's a link to it.

Title: where I want to be
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: PWP; Dean/Castiel/Lisa
Spoilers/Warnings: set vague post-S5; sexual content (pegging, in particular, but also cunnilingus), profanity, some dirty talk
Word Count: 3711

Summary: It’s one of those nights when it’s only the three of them in the house. Cas and Lisa always take over the kitchen—and then they take over Dean.

Thank God for sleepovers. Ben is gone for the night, off to eat too much pizza and play video games ‘til the crack of dawn. The house is quiet. Dean’s in the kitchen, up to his elbows in dirty dishes from a fantastic dinner that Lisa and Cas tag-teamed on, something that was mostly vegetables, but Dean didn’t care. He practically licked his plate for every speck of it.

Cas clears off the table and wipes off the counters, even though Dean told him to leave it all for him to clean. He’s gotta pull his weight somehow on nights like this. Nights when it’s only the three of them in the house. Cas and Lisa always take over the kitchen—and then they take over Dean.

But that’ll be later. Dean’s gotta concentrate on cleaning this kitchen first.

“Where’s Lise?” Dean asks as Cas leans over to shake out the washcloth he was using.

Cas steals a kiss, smiles through it, warm and sweet. “She’ll be down in a minute.” There’s a light in his blue eyes that tells Dean the two of them are up to something. Dean squints at him with a silent question, but Cas only shakes his head and kisses him again.

Which is a bigger distraction than it sounds. Castiel still kisses Dean like it’s the first time, like there’s nothing else, like he could spend hours licking into Dean’s mouth, tugging his bottom lip between his teeth, sliding their tongues together, sharing one breath. It always makes Dean shiver and press closer for more.

“Leave the dishes,” Cas murmurs against Dean’s mouth, tempting, but Dean forces himself to pull back, shake his head.

“I’m easy, but I’m not that easy.” He turns back to his dishes, valiantly ignoring the hand Cas sneaks up the back of his shirt.

Cas traces the knobs of Dean’s spine, rumbling a mock-frustrated growl in Dean’s ear. But Dean is determined to remain unmoved until this kitchen is spotless. “Can I help, at least?” Cas asks—and okay, that Dean can relent to.

Cas dries dishes while Dean continues washing, though they both know Cas could snap his fingers and whammy everything clean. Dean hates it when Cas does that for something as simple as this, and he made that very clear the first and only time Cas did it. Save your powers for when we really need them, he said. And so far, thankfully, they haven’t needed them here in suburbia or on hunts with Sam.

Dean’s happy with the life he’s got now with Cas and Lisa. He doesn’t know what he did to deserve all of it, but he’s damn grateful.

Lisa comes on down into the kitchen just as the two of them are drying off their hands. When Dean turns and looks at her, his mouth goes dry.

“Like what you see, boys?” Lisa purrs, running a finger along the black lace of her bra. But it’s what she wears with her panties that pulls a needy groan from Dean’s lips.

It’s not a harness he’s ever seen before, no crazy straps and buckles. It looks like a pair of crimson panties with ribbons and garters, except—except Lisa is packing a thick, black silicone dick right there in the center. And that has got to be one of the hottest things Dean has ever seen, the juxtaposition between the feminine attire and that hard, erect dick between her legs.

“Fuck me,” Dean breathes, blood rushing south.

Cas slides in behind him and presses an open mouth kiss along his neck. Dean leans against him automatically, feeling Cas half-hard against his ass already. “That’s the idea,” Cas says, gravel-rough, teeth skimming along Dean’s skin.

Dean watches with wide eyes as Lisa rubs her hand along her dick, slow and teasing. Cas curls his hands around Dean’s hips, thumbs playing along the waistband of his jeans—and Dean swears the room’s temperature just shot up twenty degrees.

“Where?” he asks, the word all he can manage because he’s dizzy with want, that special brand of confusing desire where he doesn’t know if he wants to drop to his knees in front of his girlfriend or grind back onto his boyfriend.

Lisa meets Cas’s eyes over Dean’s shoulder, the grin on her face wicked and wide. “Bedroom. Now.”

Dean doesn’t need to be told twice.

It’s a race to get up the stairs and into their bedroom where they can shed all their clothes. One time they didn’t make it out of the living room and poor Ben found Castiel’s boxers forgotten behind the couch.

But here in the bedroom, Dean strips off his shirt and tosses it wherever, completely unconcerned. Lisa sits at the end of the bed and hooks her fingers through the belt-loops of Cas’s jeans, tugging him over to her. Dean pauses in taking off his own pants to watch Lisa’s hands deftly undo the button and zipper. Cas makes a soft, pleased noise—he always sounds faintly surprised in the beginning, like he still can’t believe Lisa and Dean want to touch him. It drives Dean crazy, makes him want to mark Cas up with hickeys that’ll take weeks to fade so Cas knows even in the morning light that he’s wanted like this.

It took Dean a long time to admit he wanted Cas like this. But maybe if he’d let himself be with Cas earlier, Lisa wouldn’t be in the picture. And Dean loves the two of them so much his heart aches with it.

Dean watches Lisa press a kiss to Cas’s stomach and snake her hand through the slit of his boxers. Cas makes that sound again, his hips jerking. Dean watches Cas’s cock harden more as Lisa wraps a hand around it, running her thumb along the vein. Cas gently brushes Lisa’s long dark hair back from her face.

“I’m yours,” he says, looking at both of them with those earnest blue eyes of his. Dean has to go over there and kiss him, swallowing the moan Cas makes.

“You two are overdressed,” Lisa says, taking her hand off Cas’s cock and tugging his pants down off his hips. Cas laughs—and Dean will never get tired of hearing Cas laugh, Jesus—as he pulls away from both of them and finishes undressing.

The grin that tugs at Dean’s lips is probably ridiculous. This is the part he thinks he might love the most—how comfortable they all are together. There’s no pressure to perform, not like in a one-night stand where he sometimes felt like he had a reputation to keep. Here, he can trip and land flat on his ass while trying to pull his pants off and no one’s gonna laugh in his face.

Well. Lisa and Cas did laugh when that happened, but ultimately they all just ended up having sex on the floor instead of the bed. It’s hard to feel humiliated when you’ve got your girlfriend’s mouth on your dick and your boyfriend’s fingers inside you.

“Dean.” Lisa licks her lips as she watches Dean strip. Dean doesn’t try to make a show of it, but he can tell by the look in Lisa’s eyes that she enjoys the view. “What do you want, baby?”

She’s really asking Dean how he wants this to go, since he’s been unashamedly staring at her cock like she’s already fucking him with it. But he thinks about the question, images flashing through his head—and yeah, he knows what he wants.

“Facing you.” He shivers with the thought—Lisa’s eyes on his face as she drives up into him and—okay, yes, he looks Cas in the eyes, tries to keep his voice steady as he says the rest, “I want you at my back.” Yes, that’s it. He wants Cas’s arms around him as Lisa thrusts inside him. He wants to be surrounded. He wants to know he belongs to both of them.

Lisa and Cas exchange a look like they did in the kitchen, something unspoken passing between them. It doesn’t bother Dean. They’re his and he’s theirs. He willingly puts himself in their hands.

It’s Cas’s hands he finds himself in first, Cas who pulls him close. Cas slides his hands all along Dean’s skin, his touch sparking more heat in Dean’s blood. Dean tilts his head back and moans when Cas kisses his shoulder, licks over the handprint scar and then nips his way up to whisper in Dean’s ear. “I’ll carry you,” Cas says, warm and pleased. “I’ll hold you up for her.”

Dean full-on shudders at that, fingers digging into Cas’s shoulder blades. Cas wedges a thigh between Dean’s legs, pressing against his cock. Dean’s hips jerk involuntarily. “Yeah,” he says, kissing Cas’s face, searching for his mouth. “Please.” He’s not ashamed to ask, not ashamed to beg for it—because he knows Cas can do it, knows Cas could hold him up and open for Lisa forever if he wanted to. The crazy angel-strength he has is something that always gets Dean from zero to sixty in no time.

Dean is pretty sure an angel is not supposed to ever look that smug, but he doesn’t give a damn. Cas lightly scratches blunt nails down Dean’s sides to his hips before turning him around so that he’s cradled against Cas’s chest. Dean grinds back into Cas’s dick, the hard length pressed perfect along the crease of his ass. Cas’s breath hitches, fingers tightening on Dean’s skin. Yeah, Dean’s calling that a victory there. Cas retaliates by biting the back of Dean’s neck, like a wolf displaying dominance. Dean makes a noise that’s half a laugh, half a gasp—it sharpens into a high, breathy whine when Cas reaches around to fist his cock.

Cas jerks him off slow and steady till pre-come drips down his shaft and all along Cas’s fingers. Dean bucks into the circle of Cas’s fist, but Cas keeps a pace that’ll drive Dean right up to the edge, but won’t let him tip over it. “Look at Lisa,” Cas says, sliding his other hand up to tweak Dean’s nipple, the added sensation dragging a whimper from Dean’s throat. “Look at her, Dean.”

Dean does. Lisa’s watching them with dark eyes as she takes off her bra and slides a condom and then lube over her dick, her fingers shiny and slick. She smiles and tilts her head coyly when she sees Dean and Cas watching her. Cas’s hand pauses on Dean’s dick as Lisa straightens her back and trails the clean fingers of her left hand over her breasts, rolling each nipple to hard, little peaks before dipping down to run along the waistline of her harness.

Both Dean and Cas shiver. “Come here,” Dean says, voice hoarse, chest tight. He needs to have Lisa’s tanned skin pressed against him like Cas’s, needs to be touching both of them right this second.

She pours more lube into her hand then, but she doesn’t walk over to them, she prowls like a cat with her prey in sight and all the time in the world to catch him. He reaches for her with both hands, grasping her arms and tugging her over. She laughs, smoothing her hand down Dean’s chest then back up to cup his cheek, tilting his face so they lock eyes.

“You gonna be good for us, baby?” she asks, her voice low, but his dick jerks in Cas’s hand as the words roll through his brain. She goes up on her tiptoes to brush her mouth along his. Dean’s eyes flutter shut as he kisses her back, inhaling in the soft vanilla scent of her. She reaches down past his balls and slides the pad of one of her slicked-up fingers over his entrance. “You gonna come for us on my cock?”

Dean can’t speak, can only nod and let Cas manhandle him up into his arms, those strong hands hooked on the backs of Dean’s thighs. Dean leans back onto Cas’s chest, reaching back to grab onto Cas’s shoulder. “I’ve got you,” Cas says, calm and soothing, and Dean closes his eyes for a second, letting the words wash over him. He relaxes, safe. He can feel Cas’s heart racing against his back, but the angel doesn’t show any signs of strain as he holds Dean up for Lisa.

Lisa steps back in between Dean’s legs, warm and close as she licks over the tattoo on his chest. Dean traces the curve of Lisa’s breast, smiles when she presses into his hand.

When Lisa slides that first finger into Dean, Dean’s eyes snap open, his breath catching in his throat. He tilts his head back against Cas’s other shoulder, sucking in air and then slowly letting it out. He reaches down and grabs onto Cas’s wrist, thumb running along Cas’s pulse point. His other hand moves to Lisa’s waist. Cas kisses his bared throat, murmurs encouragement into his skin. Lisa grasps his cock, stroking it as she keeps prepping him. The room is quiet now except for their breathing, the helpless gasps and whimpers Dean keeps making, and the slide of skin, sweat, and slick.

Lisa has two fingers in Dean when Dean starts desperately trying to tilt his hips into the thrusts. “Okay, okay, please,” he says, brokenly. “Can we—faster—”

“One more finger, Dean,” Lisa says, her voice just as wrecked as his, her brow furrowed in concentration. She tags his prostate and he groans, looking down, watching the curve of Lisa’s wrist as she pulls out, opens him up for more. A fierce grin curves across her pretty mouth when she finds his prostate again and rubs three fingers there.

“Dean,” Cas whispers, his dick a hard line against Dean’s back, the head of it wet against his skin—but Dean loves it, loves that Cas is getting off on this just as much as Dean is. Dean feels like his skin is on fire in such a good way, his body just begging to be filled up.

“Please,” he says, desperate. “Please, please, Lise, Cas—”

Lisa pulls out, smearing the rest of the lube along her cock before she steps in even closer between his spread thighs and slowly guides herself inside of Dean. Everything freezes for a moment as Dean adjusts to the shock of the fullness, his eyes squeezed shut as he tries to relax his muscles. Cas murmurs his name over and over, like a litany he can’t help voicing. Lisa keeps her hips still, stroking Dean’s thighs, waiting.

Dean breathes, opens his eyes and looks at Lisa. “Okay,” he says, voice rough even to his own ears.

Lisa moves—and so does Cas. Lisa’s hands join Cas’s on Dean’s legs, Dean’s knees bracketing her hips as she thrusts up into him. Cas tilts Dean’s body to meet her, both of them working Dean in sync, driving him crazy. Dean knows that the sounds he’s making are loud, but he can’t control himself.

Lisa kisses him, smiles into it, each slide of her dick measured until she finds his prostate again. She pulls out almost all the way and then slams right back in, grinding the head of her dick in just that right spot. He throws his head back and practically howls, stars flashing against his eyelids. Dean’s hands scrabble along Lisa’s arms as she says, “That’s it, baby, look at you, so good like this. Isn’t he, Cas?”

Cas lets out this needy sound, gasping, “Yes, yes—so good.” He’s trembling against Dean’s back like he’s dying to touch either of them or to get the friction he needs to come all over Dean. The very thought of that gets Dean that much closer to the edge.

“Touch yourself, Dean,” Cas continues. “Please, I want to see—”

Dean has to obey, reaching down to jack himself. Lisa rolls her hips up faster and faster, trying to match the pace Dean sets as he whips his hand up and down his cock.

Both Lisa and Cas say his name at the same time when his orgasm hits, his body tightening as he spills all over himself. Lisa lets out a moan, still rocking into him as she reaches up to smear his come all over his stomach, coating her hand with it. He’s shivering with the aftershocks, held between them in the best way.

“Yours,” he manages, coming down from the high.

“God, Dean,” Lisa whispers, licking along his bottom lip. He can feel her trembling as she slips out and strips the condom off. Cas shifts restlessly behind Dean, sucking a mark into Dean’s shoulder. He can feel the tension in both of them, both of them strung so tight just from watching him.

Dean feels loose and sated and still somehow turned on, and he wants nothing more than to lay down on the bed and watch them. So that’s what he asks for. “Show me what you got,” he says as they all pile onto the king bed. He sprawls back on the pillows and cleans himself off as Lisa and Cas turn to each other.

Cas laughs, swinging sideways on the bed and grabbing Lisa’s legs, scooting closer, his hands gentle as he takes the dildo out of the harness and then pulls the harness down. Lisa helps him take it off, both of them fumbling in their haste.

She cries out when Cas buries his face between her legs. She arches her back, bucks into Cas’s mouth as he eats her out like he’s starving for her taste—which Dean thinks he might be, he knows Cas loves doing this. Hell, Dean loves it too, loves the sounds Lisa makes when he sucks on her clit, when he feels her fluttering around his tongue. How wet she gets, her fists tugging on his hair to direct him where she needs him to go.

“Cas, Cas,” she moans, throwing her head back. Cas hoists her legs over his shoulders and she digs her heels into his back, shuddering. She throws a hand out in Dean’s direction, curling her fingers in the comforter. Dean takes the hint and scoots over to take Lisa’s hand in his.

God, they’re both so gorgeous like this. Lisa’s all stretched out, her body glistening with sweat as she writhes beneath Cas. She bites her pretty pink mouth and squeezes her eyes shut. Cas groans against her, the sound probably vibrating through her whole body. Even from where Dean’s sitting, he can see Cas’s face is covered in her wetness. Dean wants to lick it off him, wants to join him down there and bury his tongue in her soft, slick folds. But the sight of them like this together is too good to miss.

Lisa’s mouth opens in a silent scream and her legs tighten around Cas’s head when she comes. Cas looks up through his eyelashes, his blue eyes dark with desire as he keeps licking into Lisa.

“Stop, get up here,” she says, breathless. Dean cards a hand through her hair, watches Cas kiss her inner thigh before he moves his way up. Dean quickly darts in to lap at Cas’s mouth, sharing Lisa’s taste.

“God,” Lisa pants, chest heaving. She squeezes Dean’s hand before letting go to reach down and take Cas’s dick in hand. Dean moves back so Lisa can sit up and kiss Cas too. “Get up here,” she repeats, spreading her legs and guiding him into her.

Dean watches Cas slide easily into Lisa, his cock flushed so red, shining as he pulls out and then thrusts back in. Lisa gasps, wrapping her legs around Cas as he starts fucking into her.

Dean doesn’t know which act he likes watching more—or which he likes doing more. He knows so well what it feels like to be on the receiving end of Cas’s thick cock, knows too what it’s like to feel the warm, tight clutch of Lisa around his own.

And it all rivals seeing them like this too. The sight of Cas rutting into Lisa, how he flushes all over, his hips snapping fast and hard. And Lisa, how she presses up into him, hands slipping in their combined sweat—God, with their gasps and the wet slap of their bodies meeting in his ears, Dean could have this be the last thing he sees and die happy.

Lisa scratches her nails down Cas’s back, pressing between his shoulder blades where Cas is sensitive. Cas yells something unintelligible, the lights flickering dangerously. He thrusts only a few more times before burying his face in Lisa’s neck, groaning muffled Enochian phrases as he spills inside her. Lisa strokes the back of his neck, telling him it’s good, so good.

Dean presses his mouth to Cas’s shoulder, trailing his lips across Cas’s skin until he reaches Lisa’s. Cas shivers, still panting against Lisa’s throat. Lisa looks at Dean with that satisfied grin she only gets after she’s fucked them into incoherency. Dean kisses that grin right off her face as Cas slowly comes back to them.

“Hey there,” Lisa says when Cas lifts his head up and looks at them with those big blue eyes.

Cas hums in response, wincing a little as he pulls out of Lisa. Dean shifts to make room when Cas curls up beside both him and Lisa.

“Who’s up for another round?” Dean asks with a teasing smile.

Lisa swats at his arm and Cas groans, both of them shaking their heads. Dean chuckles, ruffling Cas’s hair and stealing another kiss from Lisa before he rolls off the bed and ducks into the bathroom for some washcloths.

They don’t bother with pajamas after they clean each other up, they just crawl right under the covers. Cas ends up abusing some of his angel powers to flick the lights off, but Dean only huffs a laugh. Cas slings an arm around Dean’s stomach, hitching him back into Cas’s chest. Lisa takes Cas’s hand, entwining their fingers as she presses up against Dean’s front. Dean falls asleep like that, sandwiched between Cas and Lisa.

He knows where he belongs.

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I really like this. I like Lisa in this relationship. :)

Ah, thank you! Glad to hear it! I'm definitely a fan of her. :)

This is so weird. An hour ago I'd never read Dean/Cas/Lisa in my life - didn't want to, didn't do it for me personally - and then misachan posted a PWP that looked really interesting and I found myself giving it a shot. And I actually loved it.


ANYWHO, I loved this. I've rapidly started appreciating the brilliance of the Dean/CAs/Lisa dynamic if it's well done, and, as with Misa's story, this was very, very well done. I love that Cas and Lisa tag-team Dean, that they have this little thing between only the two of them; just like Dean and Cas or Dean and Lisa have. I think it spells healthy. And I must admit, I have a thing for pegging when it's done well, and fffff, I'll just be sitting here for a while, I think.


Ha! I totally saw that fic! I love misachan's Dean/Cas/Lisa fics. Lifelines has always been one of my favorites for the OT3.

Oh, I'm so glad to hear you liked the Cas/Lisa dynamic in addition to the rest! I really tried to make all sides of the triangle equal, that was important to me.



*chuckles* You're welcome, bb. And it felt very equal to me, which is why it works. The reason I've stayed off the OT3 fics until now is because in fandom - even in Show - Cas and Dean's relationshp versus Dean and Lisa's has always been a competition? I mean, there seems to be a lot of animosity there, and since my OTP is Dean/Cas, I've stayed off from Dean/Lisa fics. Mostly because canon them makes me sad, but also because it makes me feel like I'm cheating on my OTP. (which is so weird, because I ship pretty much everyone with everyone.) BUT! It seems that these kinds of fics, that doesn't happen. And hopefully, it can help mend my Dean/Lisa relationship too:DD

Yeah, I actually really liked Cas and Lisa. A LOT. She was so sweet to both the boys. <3 :)

Ahhhh, thank you! Always good to hear the Cas/Lisa was appreciated. And that Lisa herself was liked! <3

OKAY I'M JUST GONNA WARN AHEAD OF TIME THAT THIS IS NOT COHERENT IN THE SLIGHTEST. I've basically been bouncing up and down for two hours, because I checked my phone on my last break at work but didn't have time to read it and just lajds jasdkjfkj

Okay, let's do this.

OKAY BASICALLY I LOVE THE DOMESTICITY AND DEAN DOING THE DISHES AND NOT LETTING CAS MOJO THEM CLEAN AND JUST OMG. And Lisa and Cas conspiring and planning all this and having all these little ~look~ omg favorite thing ever nbd. <333333


And omg I want to highlight my favorite parts but IT'S ALL MY FAVORITE PART. DEAN ALL SMUSHED UP IN BETWEEN THEM YES PLS OMG. AND LAJD LJALDSJF LJLAJDF ALL THE CAS/LISA AT THE END I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING BUT EXCUSE ME WHILE I DIE (especially the oral nnnnnnnngggghhhhhhh). And how much Dean loves seeing them together YES THIS IS EXACTLY HOW EVERYTHING IS IN MY HEAD OKAY. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, KATE. No I'm kidding, you can stay. Please stay. <33333333



Thank you thank you thank you, I don't deserve this omg. <33333333



ESPECIALLY THAT YOU LIKED THE CAS/LISA. AND THE CUNNILINGUS because cunnilingus = LOVE, let's just face it, y/y???

ALSO YOU TOTALLY KNOW LISA RUNS THIS WHOLE RELATIONSHIP. SHE IS THE BOSS. THEY WORSHIP THE GROUND SHE WALKS ON. ngl one of my favorite lines was the bit about the grin she gets only when she's fucked them into incoherency, ahhhh, Lisaaaaa




oh hush you totally deserve this fic, mmkay? <33333

seriously though


Cunnilingus is just -- I mean, you literally cannot go wrong there. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE? ;D

LISA TOTALLY RUNS THIS SHIT YES. That is like, my headcanon for this OT3 whether there's already established Dean/Cas or not. Either way, she is totally the one that actually initiates/suggests the OT3 relationship. Otherwise, Dean would have just angsted forever over loving them both and Cas would have just sat by and watched Dean rake leaves for the rest of his life.


Also my headcanon for this OT3 is that there's voyeur!everyone at some point. DEAN WATCHING CAS/LISA, LISA WATCHING CAS/DEAN, CAS WATCHING DEAN/LISA, ALL OF IT, GIVE IT TO ME. I just -- I like voyeurism okay.


Otherwise, Dean would have just angsted forever over loving them both and Cas would have just sat by and watched Dean rake leaves for the rest of his life.


also yes yes yes voyeur!everyone because YES, ALL OF IT, ALL OF THEM, YES.




which means you should prompt me some more sometime when I'm not drowning in other projects I have to work on, yesss??

I've never wanted to be Lisa so bad in my life.

HA! Thank you. I love this comment. Yep, Lisa is a lucky, lucky girl. <3

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Yay, it's posted! And yay! Still as hot as the sun!!!

Ahhhh, glad you think so! <3

Clearly the universe knew I needed fic to cheer me up. This is the second fic featuring my one true threesome today!

*whistles* You did such a great job with both the porn and the relationships here. The buildup was smoking and Dean was so real. I love the Cas/Lisa bits especially.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Ahhhh, thank you! Always nice to hear from fellow Dean/Cas/Lisa shippers! BECAUSE PERFECT OT3 IS PERFECT.

I'm so pleased to hear you liked all of this-- especially the Cas/Lisaaaa. I wasn't sure how that was going to go over because I feel like that part of the threesome is sort of a rarepair? IDK.

Anyway, thank you! <3

(Deleted comment)
Ahahahaha, glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thank you! :D

Oh god.
I don't have a brain right now.
New OT3

Oh gosh, thank you! <3 Glad you enjoyed it!

Wow. I mean...wow.

I rarely read anything involving Lisa but as somebody else said this was the second one today. And man you did an amazing job. It could be pure canon. All three were perfectly written. The relationship was believable, not too mushy. And the sex...again wow.

Thanks for opening my eyes to my new OTC!

Haha, you're welcome! I adore this OT3, so I'm pleased to hear you liked all of them in it! Especially that you think it could work with canon.

Thanks very much! <3

WHAT A THREESOME!!! Hot damn, Castiel behind Dean while Lisa fucks him!!! One scorching hot fic! Loved it :D

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

Dean getting pegged is just the best thing ever. God bless you.

Ahaha, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

so you wrote this MONTHS ago but I just wanted to say WOW THIS IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. it's obviously scorching hot but there's so much tenderness and even just fun in this fic, augh. great great job. :')


hi there! I'm trying to be cool here but yeahhh nope. THANK YOU THIS WAS SUCH A LOVELY THING TO SEE IN MY INBOX. <3333 Ahhh, just thank you so much!

and the more I think about it, the more I like it. Dean being kind of subby (sorry if that wasn't your intention because I know some people really hate it D: )! Cas going down on a girl! MY FAVORITE THINGS.

and yet I don't want to make it all about the sex because don't get me wrong, scorching hot, but I just loved the closeness and support and happiness here above all and it really came across in everything.

Ahhhh, I love subby!Dean, so I'm really glad you caught that! I don't really understand the fandom war(?) about that, I'm fine with both top!Dean and bottom!Dean, but I generally see Dean as more of a sub than anything else.

Also SO PLEASED YOU ENJOYED THE CAS/LISA PART. I mean, cunnilingus is the best, really, let's be real

Oh good! It was important to me to try and get down the way I see their relationship working out-- especially the equality in it. I'm not really a fan of threesome relationships where things aren't balanced. I also just really love the idea of Cas and Lisa having their own dynamic semi-separate from their love of Dean... I just want everyone to love everyone basically! :D

Anyway I'm seriously just so glad that you've enjoyed this fic, thank you so much. <33333

ahhh same. I actually like to think of both Dean and Cas as really subby but in the end people can like what they like :3 and the wank over it makes me sad.

and yeah, a lot of threesomes can come across as really like... I don't wanna say biased, that's not the word, but where the author is clearly liking one person/person ship rather than the threesome and it comes off as x/y + z (not trying to discourage those kind of fics entirely but when people are trying to make it a legit polyamory relationship that's kind of :/), but that was really not the case here.

wow sorry for the like 401853 comments, I just loved this fic A LOT

I can totally see Dean and Cas as both subs! And yeah, I definitely know what you mean about threesomes in fic, and I mean, it's fine if that's what they say they're writing (maybe like a one-time threesome where there's a primary partnership and then someone else coming in for the night, idk), but that's not what I want to write and it's rarely what I want to read. I'm really glad (and relieved!) to hear you think I got the poly aspect of this OT3 down.

Oh gosh, don't apologize for the comments! You've seriously made my day each time you come back and chat. <3 There's a soft spot in my heart for this fic and this threesome, so it's really always nice to hear other people out there are fans of the OT3.

ahhh yeah, like I've always been a big fan of Dean/Cas/pretty much any other character, especially if they are ladyfolk, but like, I liked Dean/Cas/Meg and Dean/Cas/Anna and stuff a lot more in the past? and then one day I stumbled upon some Dean/Cas/Lisa fic and wow. I mean there's not a lot of fic for them, comparatively speaking, but there is a decent amount and it's all really good? it very quickly became my favorite OT3 haha.


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